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Top 10 Free Olympics App for Android

Published on Tue 31st Jul

Top 10 Free Olympics App for Android

In light of the 2012 London Olympic Games, developers for various platforms were readily making apps dedicated to the Olympic Games. Specifically for the Android, users can now follow their favorite athletes, get the scoop on the latest news, and get live updates on their Android device. An event like this that only happens every 4 years is not to be missed. With the help of these useful applications, anyone can join the action anytime and anywhere.

BBC Olympics

This app will require you to at least have the Android 2.2 system and must have the flash installed. When both conditions are met, you can get live scores, updates, news, and live text commentary of well-renowned BBC journalists. You can also watch on-demand highlights of your favorite event and also have access to all BBC live streams.

Samsung: Take Part 2012

You’ll need to have the best Samsung device to play this app. When you do, you can challenge your friends to a game or compete worldwide to have your name posted on the worldwide leaderboards. Enjoy the virtual Olympics experience on the palm of your hands.

London 2012 Results App

As the title suggests, this app is the official app for the 2012 London Olympics. This app boasts complete event schedules, medal tallies of every country, predictions, daily updates about your favorite country, and be able to discuss games with other enthusiasts.

Coventry 2012

Users can now find out what Coventry has to offer during this festive event, as the city is scheduled to host football matches at the famous Ricoh Arena. This app will provide you with scheduled matches, transport information, places to go to, and navigation.

Trip Advisor

Anyone who is unaccustomed with London will find this app their best friend during their stay. Resembling the superb Trip Advisor website, this app will help you navigate around the city and give you complete details about tours, attractions, hotels, shopping, and restaurants. There’s even a GPS to guide yourself to your desired location.

London 2012 Join In

This is the official app of the 2012 Olympic Games. This enormous resource serves as a guide to the events as well as a guide to the city itself. All sporting events will be listed in the app and also free events around London so you can get the full British experience.

Olympic 2012 Calendar and Medal

This user-friendly app will update you with all the scheduled events and so you can plan your day accordingly. The medal tally will keep you updated so you know whose leading and where your favorite country stands.

NBC Olympics App

Don’t just watch the Olympics – be part of it. The official NBC app for the Olympics not only gives you up-to-date stories and results, but also lets you interact with fellow users on Twitter and Facebook.

2012 Team USA Road to London

Show your support of Team USA with this user-friendly app. Not only will you receive information on the participants and events, but you can also send them your own personal message to let them know how amazing they are. To fully show your support to Team USA, you can buy official Team USA merchandise with this app as well.

iPlayer App

The famous playback service comes to your tablet and smartphone. The upshot is you can now watch replays of previous events as you are waiting to watch on-going events.

Top 10 Free Music Apps for iPhone

Published on Tue 17th Jul

Top 10 Free Music Apps for iPhone

There are several music apps for the iPhone. The recent surge of music apps coming to the app store means that more and more people are using this type of application. Music is one thing that people can bring anywhere and listing the top music apps will be a helpful piece for anyone. Anything that will make music a better overall experience will surely draw attention from iPhone users around the world. Here are the top 10 free music apps for the iPhone.

Tap Tap Revenge 4

This mobile game is a handheld version of games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Anyone looking to entertain must not look past this app. The simple mechanics of this game and wide variety of music selection makes this an instant classing on the iOS. This should be one of the first apps to download upon getting an iPhone. GET THIS APP NOW.

Amazing Piano Free

This virtual piano aims to teach the user how to play the instrument. You can even record and play songs that you made on the go. With 3 levels of learning speed, your dream of playing the piano is now a tap away.

AOL Radio

AOL Radio lets users listen to any of the 200 stations offered including all-Clash and all-Radiohead streams. Enough said.

Pandora Radio

This app sets itself apart from other net-based radio apps by compiling custom playlists based on your preference in music. Pandora’s recommendations are most of the time spot on and this is one of the easiest apps to navigate. Unfortunately, the free version of this app limits you to 40 hours of music per month. Still, that in itself is a winner.


Isn’t it irritating when you hear a song on the radio and you didn’t catch the title? Well, this app the solution to all of that. Simply launch the app and select “tag”, and then wait till Shazam listens, analyses, and determine the song title for you in a matter of seconds.


Like Shazam, this app helps you recognize songs, but in addition to putting your iPhone in front of the speakers, you can also sing, narrate lyrics or even hum a tune. This was mostly helpful when a friend asked me to identify a certain song on the fly. Results contain artist and album details and buy links.


Kazoo is the perfect instrument to play on your device. This makes playing simple tunes a fun experience.


Slacker offers you access to infinite free music on your device. It is user-friendly and has a stylish UI. It can stream music from loads of songs from a vast number of musicians in its own library. You can also listen to more than a 100 programmed radio stations or make your own station. The sound quality is fantastic and it surely arises as a dangerous opponent for Pandora.

Pocket Shaker

Pocket Shaker is one more fun application that can make your iPhone into a drumming instrument. In fact, it’s capable to become into any instrument like shaker, tambourine, drums, bass drum and many more. Just position the facing upwards and then shake it to make it sound like a real instrument. Continue shaking and it will change to another percussion instrument.


This app automatically finds the lyrics you are listening to and it will even let you view it offline. You can search lyrics by entering the title, artist, or by just entering a line from the song. How cool is that?






Top 10 Free Kid's Apps for iPhone

Published on Tue 10th Jul

Top 10 Free Kid’s Apps for iPhone

All parents would want to incorporate learning through most activities. With the help of today’s technology, parents can squeeze in more types of learning through gadgets. There are apps available that are solely dedicated to kids. Whether you’re waiting in line at the grocery or just sitting on the backseat of the car, kids can enjoy and learn at the same time with the help children dedicated apps.

Toddler Teaser Shapes

Tots will be able to improve their knowledge about basic shapes with the help of Toddler Teaser Shapes. About 5 shapes will appear on screen at one time and a voice prompt will tell the children which shape to tap. After selecting the shape, the app will alert the kid whether he or she got the right or wrong answer. Square, circle, diamond, oblong, triangle…..your kid will learn them all!

Finger Draw Paint

Finger draw paint surprisingly has a lot to offer considering that this is a free app. With a simple swipe on the screen, children will be able to create fine-looking drawings that are indicative of pencil line illustrations. While younger kids will tend to enjoy this app more, this is a great tool for promising young artists in elementary school. Be sure to take a screenshot of the sketch; you cannot save any drawings with this app.

ArithmeTic- Math Flash Cards

Children in elementary school would now have no excuse to avoid studying the multiplication table with the help of this app. As soon as the timer starts, kids will have to answer a chain of mathematical flash cards as fast as they can. Students will be able to master the basic math operations as they have to come up with an answer themselves—no multiple choice or selective answers to choose from.

Feed Me

A lot of users have given very positive feedbacks to Feed Me. A sequence of 100 questions is offered in this app, centering on questions ranging from letters, shapes, and colors. After selecting the right answer, children will be able to feed their monster. If not, well… one wants to deal with a famished monster.

Pocket Frogs

Any kid who is crazy about amphibians will surely go wild with this free app. Pocket Frogs allows your child to collect, breed, and trade different frogs in personalized habitations. This app can be played with other friends and has over 60 rewards to earn as they progress.


This is the app that every student and parent should own. myHomework acts as a digital diary as it keeps track of assignments, class schedules, exams, and extra-curricular  activities. One useful feature of this app is it has color-coded notices to inform the student if something is about to come up or if he or she missed a deadline.

American Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs

The paleontologist-to-be kid will use this app every day.  The user interface starts with a photo mosaic of dinosaurs and makes up the image of a T-Rex. From there, users can just tap any one of the photos to dig deeper into details about that specific dinosaur. This is the app that you will also enjoy with your kids.

Mad Libs

Generate your own silly stories by providing your own words to the blanks with the enjoyable story creator. This app is fantastic for promising young grammar geeks. There are a whole lot stories to choose from and a lot more laughs at the end. This is the perfect app for family and friends.

Doodle Buddy

One of several artistic apps, this one allows the kids to draw in all types of lines, colors, shapes and backdrops. You can draw on your own or invite friends, and use the camera to capture your  very own mugshots -- perfect for drawing mustaches on your dad friends!

Baby Flash Cards

The free inclusions in this app feature an assortment of real world things and creatures paired up with their corresponding words.  Cards can be browsed in alphabetical order or randomly, and you can fix it so that all information can be seen on the card at once or the words are concealed until you tap them.

Top 10 Free Utility Apps for iPhone

Published on Wed 4th Jul


Top 10 Free Utility Apps for iPhone

With so many apps available on the iOS today, it’s quite a task to choose the right app for the specific task. There are apps for photography, news, weather, social networking, education, medicine, etc. Utility apps are supposed to enable you to do work with utmost ease and functionality. With the ever-growing speed of everyday tasks, utility apps just might save your day. Here are the top 10 free utility apps for iPhone.


Simply put it this way, Dropbox is the easiest way to access and share your files over the net. Videos, music, pictures, documents – you name it, Dropbox will get it done for you. By simply downloading this app and signing up, accessing your files will be as easy as 1-2-3.


The everyday professional is most of the time on the go. Staying connected is as important as anything and LinkedIn will do that for you. Attend an important meeting or interview anytime with complete details and connectivity together with millions of users worldwide. Also, get updates automatically to keep you up-to-date with this wonderful app.

XE Currency

XE Currency allows you to convert over 180 currencies on the fly. It’s the easiest app to convert your specified currency out there.

Office² Plus

Office² Plus permits you to effortlessly move, view and share files from Google Docs and MobileMe iDisk. The app assimilates with Google Docs and MobileMe iDisk to grant you access to your vital documents at any time of the day.


Share you messages, calendar events, photos, contacts, and music with friends by choosing what you want to share, add your friend to Bump and instantly start messaging. Once you add another user to the Bump system, you can send posts anytime with instant push notifications.

FedEx Mobile

This app delivers you the up-to-date shipment tracking information. You basically need to enter your tracking number and you can now have access to the status of your shipment instantly. Also, you can customize your view by aliasing the shipments, adding notes or making a watch list for checking vital shipments.

Tap and Tell

Want to update your beloved social network without the trouble of directing through multiple applications? Tap & Tell lets you update your social network, effortlessly and hastily. With all your networks in one place, updating is as easy as ever.


This app is dedicated for the everyday Facebook user that’s always on the go. Update, upload, and socialize withal your friends just as you would on a home computer. Now, being connected all the time on the go is possible.


Fring allows you to make free video calls, voice calls and chat. Any phone with DVQ technology can be reached with this app. Call other Fring users international, do the live chat and more without spending a single dollar.

Google Earth

It’s an app that lets you travel to far ends of the world with just a single swipe. Discover the global satellite and aerial images including high-resolution imagery for over half of the world’s population on your iDevice.

Top 10 Free Alternatives to Photoshop

Published on Sun 1st Jul


Top 10 Free Alternatives to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a designer’s best friend. It is loaded with features that allows you to do virtually whatever you want to a photo. However, not anyone is willing to pay the hefty price of Photoshop. This reason restricts other designers out there from working on their projects. Luckily there are a number of free alternatives to the premiere photo editing application. These alternatives can be as good as Photoshop, sometimes even more.

Here are the top 10 free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop:


GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP is one of the well-known and oldest substitutes to Photoshop. It’s doesn’t include all of the features found in Photoshop but almost all of the important features are present somewhere in GIMP. GIMP is supported by a large community and can be installed in various platforms.

Anyone looking for a Photoshop look and feel interface can also get GIMPShop. It’s actually the same as GIMP but the user interface resembles the one that you can see in Photoshop. Anyone making the jump to GIMPShop will feel right at home.


This application is a higher replacement to the popular MS Paint. It is an open source editor with an extensive support base. Anyone looking to use this application will need Windows installed to their computers.


Krita is an easy to use application. It has won the Akademy Award for Best Application in 2006. Included in the Koffice Suite for Linux, it is not as dominant as Photoshop or even GIMP although, it has its own unique features to boast.


ChocoFlop is designed exclusively for mac and optimized for mac architecture. It’s swift and equally quick featured. This program isn’t always free, but until a steady version (they are still in beta version) is released they are enabling users to use it for free. ChocoFlop works pretty well and if you are the type who doesn’t mind the occasional bug, this is well worth a look.


Originally released in Japanese, this rich editor is now available in English. Pixia was mainly focused in anime and manga but it is also a very capable photo editor in itself. Certain features are slightly counter intuitive, but there are a lot of English tutorials accessible now if you want to give it a try.


Cinepaint is intended mainly for video often utilized to make animated feature pictures by chief studios, but it is also a great photo editor capable of high fidelity 32 bit color. Presently there is no steady version for Windows.


Pixen is intended as a pixel artist’s best friend, but has grown to become a smooth and well featured complete editor. If your style is animation, then this is your best bet. Pixen is only compataible with mac 10.4x or later.


This application is a web based photo editor that is currently partnered with Flickr. All the basic features are present as well as some advanced features like special effects and layers. You’ll only need a browser since this one is web-based application.


Another fantastic web based photo editor, Splashup has a set of features that will make any editor smile. Anyone familiar with Photoshop will feel at home with this application as it resembles the interface. It integrates flawlessly with photo sharing sites. It is also cross-platform like all web based applications.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe essentially has a free web based photo editor. It has all the elementary functionality you’d assume as well as a few progressive features and blends well with a few photo sharing websites. Also a cross platform application.